Person-Centered Planning

A Person-Centered Plan is developed for each person who receives services from this organization.  This is a fundamental right of all individuals who receive mental health services in Michigan.

The plan is based on the strengths, needs, abilities and preferences of the individual and/or their family. It describes the goals established by each individual and the services and supports necessary for them to achieve those goals.

Macomb Residential Opportunities, Inc. (MRO) provides services under contractual agreements with local mental health agencies. The local mental health agency provides referral and case-management services and, in that role, has the primary responsibility for the development of the Person Centered Plan. In many cases, MRO is one of several agencies providing services to an individual under their service plan.

MRO’s role is to support the development of the PCP by encouraging the individual, and others they may select, to participate. MRO will help to assure that the process takes place and assure that it includes the input of the individual and their families. 

MRO staff will offer input into the development of the plan. The records and outcomes of agency services will be an integral part of the development of subsequent plans. As the residential support provider, MRO participates in the process by helping to identify needs and by providing direct assistance to the individual.

For each individual, the Person-Centered Plan is the core document identifying the services to be provided by this agency.