Employment Opportunities

At Macomb Residential Opportunities, our greatest asset is our team of dedicated care-givers. To that end, we are always seeking job applicants with a sincere interest in supporting people with disabilities. Our belief is that the quality of life offered to our clients is a direct result of the quality of our staff, we take great pride in our staff’s daily interactions, their dedication and accomplishments.

If this interests you, please review the employment qualifications page and then complete our employment application. It can be submitted electronically or you can print and fax it to either of our office locations. These are listed on the “contact us” page.

Care Giver Qualifications

  1. All employees must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Staff must have a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  3. Employees must be of good physical and mental health. A medical exam, including a TB test and drug screen, is required prior to beginning work. Applicants must be physically capable of performing job duties with or without accommodation. These duties include normal housework and physically assisting or lifting home residents.
  4. The hiring process includes a criminal history background check. 
  5. Written recommendations are required as a check on the personal character and capabilities of the prospective employee. Staff must also understand the importance of working cooperatively with fellow workers, professional consultants, and resident’s family members, so that the best interest of our clients may be served. 
  6. A valid Driver’s License, free from excessive fines or convictions, is a requirement of all employees.
  7. All employees are required to attend an initial training program provided through the Dept. of Community Mental Health, as well as on-going training sessions throughout the course of employment. These include CPR/First Aid and other regular updates.
  8. Macomb Residential Opportunities, Inc. is committed to the principles of Gentle Teaching and endeavors to establish this “Spirit of Gentleness” in each of its residential programs. It is our intention and requirement that staff’s interactions with our clients are at all times positive, encouraging and supportive. 
  9. MRO Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply for employment, please download the application for employment (PDF, 26 KB).

Please click here to see a list of employment opportunities.